Top 3 Most Expensive League Skin In Lol

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Skins. You either cherish them or abhor them but let’s be reasonable: Typically how Riot is getting cash for their free-to-play game. Most skins that cannot be gotten any longer have expanded in esteem by a ton. Let's see a list of champions with the most expensive league skin.

1. DJ Sona

This can be one of six extreme skins in League of Legends and makes you the most excellent Dj in Runeterra able to play three distinctive sets of music that change your look in-game as well as the sort of music you play. 

With this skin, anybody on your group can tune in on the chat and tune in to anything music you select to play, usually the only skin that permits that kind of interaction.

This skin has three special looks and sets of music that will get your heart pumping with the awesome music that’s played If you’re with a full party and they need to go K/da skins but you don’t have one. This skin is extraordinary and matches the music theme of any of the band skins in League of Legends.

2. Elementalist Lux

This extreme skin is one of the leading with the foremost changes out of all of them with 10 diverse components. You'll be able to be light, air, fire, nature, water, magma, storm, mystic, ice, and dark each with its claim extraordinary one-of-a-kind splash craftsmanship for each capacity in Lux’s kit.

You'll match nearly any other skin by changing your element to any of the 10 elements this most expensive League skin offers. Every element has interesting sprinkle craftsmanship for each capacity in Lux’s kit.

For your dance, you summon backup dancers with an extraordinary unused move that the other Lux skins don’t offer.

3. K/DA All Out Seraphine

It gives you a feeling of achievement as you offer assistance to this modern champion climb her way up to be an all-out superstar. With this skin, you're getting three skins for the price of one. As you are doing the missions Seraphine opens the following skin and changes the arrangement, her fashion, and the sprinkle craftsmanship of her abilities. With this skin, your party, at last, has sufficient champions with K/DA skins to match.

You’re able to urge the 3 most expensive league skin by opening a masterwork chest or buying it for 3,250 RP. With $25 at least you'll purchase a fairly sufficient RP to purchase this skin. Skins that are less expensive than them are only 1,820 RP and will cost them $15 to get enough Riot Points to pay the RP. Among them are Dark Cosmic Jhin, Lunar/Solar Eclipse Leona, Nunu&Willump Bot, and many more.

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